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Mold is also a fungus that grows in dark and wet environments. It produces little bodies called spores that are also present in the air that you breathe and can attach anytime when the right condition takes place. Spores coming from molds can easily penetrate the lungs and that may cause respiratory ailments later on. One of the best ways to control or even prevent the multiplication of mold into your home is to do a mold test. Through this you will determine the severity of mold into your home and you can buy appropriate product for proper sanitation on mold prone areas.
Our technicians are capable of doing this, but that is after they have cleaned the HVAC. If you will not let them clean the HVAC, the molds will continue to thrive into your home through the air. Is mold affecting your health? You do not have to wait for that to happen before you call us up for help. Apart from cleaning the air duct and restoration. We also handle mold inspection and removal. It should be done by our experts who went through a formal training and experience with mold detection. The molds may grow around the vents, baseboards and in the HVAC ductwork too. Because the source is actually hidden, it will be best to just hire an expert for that. We have the necessary equipment to address the problem.

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Exclusive Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix focuses on air duct cleaning, but we also offer other services such as dryer vent cleaning, hood vent cleaning, air duct sanitization, air duct inspection, chimney sweeping and fireplace cleaning.

Black mold exposure is harmful and may cause health problems when inhaled. Molds usually grow on shower rims, kitchen sinks, walls and other parts of the house that are moist all the time. Removing mold should be done to control the growth and to prevent them from multiplying. It’s not really impossible to make your home mold free because you can do regular morning regime to keep your home free from mold. There are helpful things that you can do to make your home mold free and one way to do that is to conduct testing for mold process to check the severity of the problem. 
Aside from the tests to identify the parts of the house that are affected by mold you also need to know the parts of the house that are prone to mold. It’s best to check the bathroom all the time along with the kitchen area. because these parts of the house are prone to mold build up. You have to make sure that any problem regarding moisture will be addressed accordingly to prevent molds from growing into your home. You can also install humidifiers to lessen the humidity and make sure that there is enough insulation with your home. Opening windows, doors can be of help but there should also be added insulation and pipes to prevent condensation. 
There is nothing to worry about, because after our technicians did the inspection and cleaning, they will treat it with a chemical that will not make the mold linger in your home anymore. But you have to make sure that you will call us for maintenance with the HVAC system. That can help in preventing the molds from thriving and growing in your home. The air you will breathe will be cleaner too.